Saturday, February 7, 2009

The menu for this week

Yesterday at work, I said to someone, "I'm so happy, I get to cook tomorrow!" And she said, "You LIKE to cook?!!" Well yes, of course I do. And one dangerous thing that happens every two weeks is that I have pay-day weekend off. So, on that preceding Wednesday, I have been known to scout the grocery ads, peruse a cookbook or two, and dream big dreams. This weekend, I also have a new cookbook to celebrate (the one from which the quote in the previous post was taken). So here is this week's menu:

Moroccan Carrot Salad

Tzatziki sauce

Red cabbage and Brats (church pot luck, won't be any of that to take home!)


Ful Medames


For the culinarily sheltered, they are, in the same order:

a simple carrot salad with no exotic ingredients at all

Cucumber-dill-yogurt sauce (excellent for a vegetable dip)

Self-explanatory, I think

Cracked wheat salad with lots of tomatoes and flat-leaf parsley

Egyptian refried beans without the fat and the tang of lemon

Tomato onion and cucumber salad served with toasted pita wedges



alaiyo said...

Tabbouleh -- yum!!!! My mother-in-law taught me to love this

alaiyo said...

And yes, I know that sentences end in periods. Have no idea where that one disappeared to . . . :)

Kamilla said...

Remind me again what it is you do, Beth. (evil snicker) You've been hanging around me too much, you're starting to type like I do!


alaiyo said...

*Now* I know who to blame! :-)