Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I learned a new word!

Yes, yes, I know some of you are thinking, I hope she treats it gently, it's in a strange place . . .

This one is just plain fun and a bit apropos, no?

Nympholepsy: a violent emotional state arising as from frustrated idealism

Some people say the most unexpected things . . .

Just when I needed a good laugh, I sent the following email to a friend:


Just in case you need a laugh today, after I joked about eHarmony on your recent blogpost, Sally asked me - what about the rest of the guys they matched me with? So, this morning I re-opened my account and tweaked my profile to see if it improved matters any. It did not. Of the six matches they sent me immediately this morning, one said he drinks 'several times a day' but that his son is the most important thing in his life, another said Anthony Robbins is the most influential person in his life (he's the GREATEST, don't you know?) and a third said the last books he enjoyed reading were by Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen.

And this is based on 29 dimensions of compatibility?!?!?!!!


To which my friend responded, giving me cause for hearty laughter:

Hi Kamilla,

That is a riot!

What I tell my male students about compatibility, sometimes -- just for a laugh:
"You got one of these here? She's got one of them there? You're compatible!"


No, don't look, I'm blushing!

And *my* world is small?!

Over on a blog where I'll simply say I am not well-liked, this comment was left in response to a comment I had left elsewhere:

The majority of people are egalitarians and soft comps.

On a different thread from the same blog, also discussing me and some of my friends, this comment:

Sad really, that the world is so small for the Patriocentric. It is a world that will continue to get smaller

Well, certainly the majority of the "people" may very well be egalitarians or soft comps. However, I was speaking specifically of Christians in Christ's Church. Down throughout history and still today, the majority of Christians have followed the Biblical prescriptions for father-rule in marriage and family life and male rule in the Church. You will not find a single female presiding over a Eucharist or a congregation in the Orthodox church, the Roman Catholic church or in the orthodox and catholic churches outside those two communions. Nor will you find any support for the heresy that likes to call itself egalitarianism.

Now that's a whole lot of Christians who have preceeded us and who are living now that do not belive or practice what these women say "the majority of people" believe and practice.

And they say my world is narrow?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My new theme song

I headed over to the new SuperTarget to get some Miracle Whip this morning (can't have tuna without it, ya know). On the way home, I heard a song I rather enjoy for the sheer exuberance, if not the theme of the lyrics. It's the song written by Jennifer Nettles, "Down in Mississippi (Up to no Good)".

So, no, I don't endorse telling off your husband and having a wild weekend with your girlfriends, but I do like this line:

Luck's about to change for these three queens
Tired of getting jokers, deal us up Kings

I don't know about "luck" or being a queen, but I do know I'm mighty tired of gettin' jokers and wouldn't mind opening my front door to find a king (or even a prince) standing there with a big bunch of red roses.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

An unholy spirit?

It is not unknown among religious feminists to claim Complementarians and Patriarchalists are bowing to the culture in their defense of sexual orthodoxy. I guess then, according to some religious feminists, we Patriarchalists are simply following a long tradition in the wake of St. Paul who was doing the same thing when he made a "Christian gloss on Aristotle's Household codes" according to Don who posted this recently on MereComments. Yippee, I'd rather follow St. Paul any day than some latter day gnostic guru claiming to understand what no one has understood for 90% of the Church's history.

And, contrary to the constant and universal witness of the Church, Don (and perhaps other religious feminists) knows this because, in his own words, "I have the Spirit and she/it helps me many times understand things".

Contrary to the claims of the religious feminists, a quick browse through any newspaper, popular magazine or television show will confirm that patriarchy is most certainly NOT the reigning philosophy of our culture. Feminism, sexual anarchy and general permissiveness (unless, of course, one wants to smoke a cigarette in a bar), rule the courts, the laws and popular entertainment. A call to sexual orthodoxy, patriarchy, a mere suggestion that it is best for children to have their mothers at home and even a whisper that one might want to reconsider their position on the use of oral contraceptives and other methods of birth control, any of these will get you a good laugh of derision by the culture and most of what pretends to be Evangelicalism as well. So, no, I don't think it is those of us who follow these biblical mandates who are bowing to the culture and the spirit of the age.

So, if religious feminists are not following the spirit of the age, one wonders what she/it spirit Don and his fellow travelers are following?

I encourage you to read through the entire discussion over at MereComments - it is enlightening in so many ways, as the good men who inhabit that blog often make it.


House Rule #57

Never answer the phone before noon on your day off. Exception to the rule: when in need of extra funds because you just bought a plane ticket.

Reason for rule: The phone call is almost invariably someone from the hospital calling for you to come in and cover a sick co-worker's shift.

(don't worry about the numbering system for rules, it is utterly arbitrary)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Apparently your Best Life isn't gained by accessing the cockpit, Mrs. Osteen

It seems to me a disproportionate number of religious celebrities get themselves in trouble on airplanes and in airports. A few years ago one got in trouble for allegedly slugging a flight attendant, the reason why escapes me. Now comes Victoria Osteen, co-pastorette of Lakewood Church in Houston. You know the one that meets in an arena, right? She is being sued for assault by a flight attendant and professes astonishment at this. One report has Mrs. Osteen eyeing the door to the cockpit during the flight. One wonders if she thought that was the doorway to her Best Life Now, hmmm? Apparently, the FAA hasn't been paralyzed with astonishment as they have already slapped Mrs. Best Life Now with a $3000 fine for "interfering with a crew member during flight".

The thing that puzzles me about this is -- I can't figure out if it's the religious celebrities just wanting their "best life now" or is it anti-religious celebrity snobbery among flight attendants?


Friday, August 8, 2008

It's HERE!!!

So you can probably tell I'm a little bit excited, but I have been waiting for this book since I found out he was doing it. Dr. Anthony Esolen is one of my very favorite authors. He "gets it" in a way few authors do. Because of him, I have a stack of reading (Shakespeare's The Tempest, Dante's Divine Comedy, etc.). And now, tada, his latest:


It's as good a high school graduation gift as is likely to come along for years to come. Since it is past that time for this year - a going away to college present wouldn't go amiss.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Does this mean something?

I just added my 11th Facebook friend - and 5 of them are clergy!


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Words of wisdom on The Dance

"A man ought never to be in a position to break a woman's heart unless he is also simultaneously breaking his word. His word ought to always be a protective barrier between him and her heart. He ought never to be in a position to destroy her without destroying his own integrity first."

- from Pastor Doug Wilson's blog