Thursday, March 18, 2010

If I'd known, I would have offered him a teddy bear . . .

Vickie Gene is no longer alone.

The Episcopal Church has confirmed a second bishop publicly involved in a same-sex relationship. Vickie Gene is quoted as gushing, "Suddenly, and gratefully, I don't feel so alone."

According to the Telegraph, the Grand Mufti of Canterbury is, ahem, concerned, "Dr Rowan Williams warned Episcopal Church leaders that they risk breaking "our bonds of mutual affection" if they ordain the openly gay reverend as an assistant bishop." But then that was just when her election became a possibility Now that it has been confirmed, he seems strangely silent. Perhaps he needs another couple of days to mull his response?

Never mind, it doesn't seem to matter much as the TEC is dying on its putrid vine - or at least it appeared to be in the years following Vickie Gene's elevation to his alone-ness. TEC seems to be reluctant to release the latest figures.

ht: Jim Kushiner

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