Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Now, tell me again about how "safe" legal abortions are?

Two stories today put the lie to the claim that legal abortions are safe abortions:

A Louisiana abortion clinic has been shut down for failing to follow basic medical guidelines such as monitoring patients given anesthesia.

Following the botched abortion of a teenager, a Four-state abortion empire crumbles. The girl in question had to be flown to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore for emergency surgery which included repairs to her lacerated lower bowel.

In particular, the Louisiana case is interesting as it results from a new law which put abortion clinics under the medical safety regulations as hospitals. Nearly forty years later and some states are just now getting around to applying basic medical and safety regulations to abortuaries.

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Lindsay said...

_In Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood_ George Grant gives harrowing details about abortions gone wrong. He talks of how abortions are still as unsafe as the back-alley scenario people ridiculously put forth as an argument for legalized abortion, gives stories about abortion consequences, talks of consequences of the pill (e.g., how the pill can cause abortions, how we haven't had enough time to really understand other consequences) and other contraceptives (e.g., the IUD), gives statements from doctors about how people looking for info on abortion and contraception consequences often look too narrowly (at the people who provide the abortions & not the doctors who deal with consequent damaged organs, infertility, infections, etc.), supports a claim Planned Parenthood conceals their knowledge of the dangers of abortion.... I should disclose the book was written in 1987, and I need to more carefully read over and consider Grant's claims and evidence to strive for the most accurate assessment of his work possible; but without making it far in this manner yet, nor finishing the book even by a half yet, I'm sure there's A LOT of truth to this book that is little recognized (much less, of course, professed). Aside from being an eye-opener on abortion, Planned Parenthood a few decades ago (in ways I'm sure sheds much light on today), contraceptives. . .it's also a real eye-opener on Sanger. Anyhow, just a heads up on what is turning out to be a book I'm VERY glad I started reading that gets into some of the nitty-gritty of abortions being so dangerous even for the mother, plus a lot more info.