Saturday, October 16, 2010

Talk about your mint and cumin!

Thomas Nelson publishers must be desperate for books to publish. Honestly, that's the only excuse I can think of for encouraging this project. Unfortunately, Mrs. Evans seems to have a selectively edited copy of the Bible. She's taking that "infamous" chapter at the end of Proverbs as a command, rather than an example while ignoring the bits about having a gentle and quiet spirit.

Sorry, Rachel, but mocking aprons and headcoverings should have no part of your year of living out "biblical" womanhood.

Year of Biblical Womanhood


vielleur said...

> mocking aprons and headcoverings

Ugh -- "A Blog Too Far" for me. Mockery of traditional womanhood is legion already. Finding any respect for it is very difficult.

She didn't say if she was going to dress like a modest woman professing godliness, a daughter of Sarah. If she hangs up her blue jeans for the whole year, let me know. She did say something about making her own clothes, so hopefully she can find something better to make than denim trousers. And remind me when the year's up, so I can take a quick peek to see how long her hair got.

She didn't say whether she as going to be fruitful and multiply.

Well, must be nice to only have to be "biblical" for a year. Who knows, though, she might actually like some of it?

Beth Impson said...

Just for clarification's sake, it's Mrs. Evans -- Held is her maiden name. Other than that, I don't feel it would be appropriate to comment publicly as I know her and her family.


Kamilla said...


Thank you, I've made the correction.