Saturday, December 11, 2010

Why it matters

Religious feminists often accuse orthodox Christians of adding to the Gospel, of being pharisees who pile on requirements of the law, adding to some supposed pure Gospel. Unless, of course, it is their idea that the "gospel of equality" is the pure and simple gospel.

In this post, Doug Wilson gets it:

When God gave us the world, Hegave us certain building blocks for the understanding -- heaven and earth, sea and dry land, sun and moon, male and female. Let me try to imagine a place which had heaven and earth muddled, sea and dry land reversed, sun and moon backwards, and the female in combat and the male in drag, but where everybody was sound on Christ crucified and justification by faith alone. Can't picture that? Neither can I.

Nether can I.

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neopatriarch said...


Yes, postmodernist sexual liberals are working overtime to efface the differences between men and women. Many of these postmodernists have made the teaching "male and female created he them" a target for ridicule. After all, and I'm sure you've heard it, what about the intersexuals? What criteria are you using to determine an "intersexual's" sex? Of course, we can biblically say that there are only two sexes, but determining where someone with, say, complete androgen insensitivity syndrome fits seems to be a problem criteriologically.