Saturday, April 16, 2011

Are Religious Feminists desperate to see a woman in the White House?

It seems religious feminists are desperate to see a woman in the White House. the trouble is, Sarah Palin's star seems to be fading. The trouble is that Michele Bachmann's star is rising, at least according to one Denver Seminary professor. Perhaps after having given a speech at a gathering of Iowans for Tax Relief, the Minnesota Congresswoman might want to brush up on American history and Masonic symbolism. And her religious feminist supporters might want to re-think their desperation. I know, desperation might seem a bit harsh, but how else do you explain someone dismissing Bachmann's historical revisionism as, "small historical errors" that "are not that important"? Here's the video, judge for yourself: mea culpa: the original post contained a reference which I've removed because I just found it is wrong - The Congresswoman is not related to the Minnesota florists.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Kamilla,
I have loved your blog for a long time and I am so pleased to see that you aren't suckered by phoney "conservative" politics. You can't vote anti-feminist or anti-war. No such candidates.