Friday, September 23, 2011

Joshua 24:15b, Egalitarian Eisegesis Expanded version

But as for me and my house . . wait, family meeting in progress:

Joshua: Matilda, as my co-equal and mutually submitting spouse, I must ask you who we should serve?

Mrs. Joshua: Joshua, don't be silly.  It's the white sale tomorrow morning and I must get in line for the best sheets.

Joshua: Children, I will consult you as well.  Who do you say we should serve?

Akin: Dad, I want to go to that place where they serve your hamburger to you at the chariot window.

Brakin: Do I have to serve?  I'm playing Donkey-pong!

Hartt:  Whatever!

Joshua here again, you Israelites.  I'm afraid our family meeting is in recess.  We simply can't come to a consensus after I have consulted each member of my household.  Since I have consulted them and there is no consensus, I cannot speak for who we will serve.  Sorry, folks.

EEEv commentary on this verse:

Do you really think that Joshua could speak for others in his house on this matter of faith without discussing it with them beforehand? Each person’s faith is a matter between themselves and God, at least according to the Bible.


Aaron said...

Heh. While I understand and agree with the point you're making, I mostly just needed the laugh right about now.

Kamilla said...

So did I, Aaron. So did I.

Mary Elizabeth Tyler said...

Hi Kamilla,

You know, the more I think about this subject, and you have probably done more study in this area then I have, but it seems to me that women are looking for relevance and meaning outside of their identity in Christ.

Some of these women forget that women have all they need in Jesus: He is all-sufficient. There is no reason to seek any other identity other than the one we have in Christ.

Christianity is all about submission. In a specific gender sense, the wife submits to the husband, but in a general sense, we all submit to one another, esteeming others greater than ourselves.

Love in Christ,
Sister Mary

Joe Long said...

"Each person’s faith is a matter between themselves and God, at least according to the Bible." Indeed? How 'bout God's covenant with Abraham, involving all of those generations yet unborn? And households baptized in the New Testament - including minors and slaves?

Christine said...

I've just found your blog. You are obviously wicked-smart and I'm really enjoying reading your perspectives. I may not always agree, but you are nourishing food for thought!

AJ said...

Thank you for another wonderful (thought provoking) post.

Although, I'm still chuckling about "Akin, Brakin, and Hartt".