Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekly Round-up

In an article that really hit a nerve with its subject, Sarah Flashing tells us What Biblical Womanhood is Not.  Then, in the latest interview, Evans is demoted from religion to entertainment.  But then, it is sometimes hard to tell what the difference is when it comes to the newly ended project.
 - filed under, THAT hit my last good nerve!

In God & the Genesis of Gender, Folke Olofsson gives us the trustworthy biblical design for man and woman.  You should read it and be blessed by these words of wisdom from a man who has lost more than most of us can know, and for simply holding fast against Swedish, ahem, progress.  You know, the kind of enlightened progress which forcibly removes a child from his parents and then prevents them from seeing him, all for the unforgivable crime of homeschooling him.
 - filed under, Intolerance, what intolerance?!

At turns funny and bittersweet, Jennifer Fulwiler reminds us of the things we are losing when we Redefine Marriage.  You might be surprised at the shared culture and wisdom we are losing.  Fulwiler is my favorite new (to me) blogger.
 - filed under, You used to do what?

SAHM Simcha Fischer cleans up after Amanda Marcotte's exploding head.
 - filed under, And you think MY brain has turned to mush?

And yes, Jennifer Fulwiler is a treasure you should become acquainted with.  The reason the Apron is the ultimate symbol of a culture of life is because the, "work of serving other is messy. Life is messy."
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Picture of the week (it really does explain quite a lot):

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