Friday, November 18, 2011

Why I no longer follow you on Twitter

I spent 25 years in health care.  I read a ton of alternatives AIDS theory literature, I am an advocate against sex trafficking, I am against abortion, I am Whole Life, I am an Uber Anti-Feminist.  In short there is little that disgusts me or frightens me.

Except snakes. 

And one is not fond of the number of I's in that first paragraph but there it is.

There are also very few things I won't tolerate or block out simply because I find them unpleasant.  But one thing is unnecessary and serves to coarsen out society.  You don't need to re-tweet some liberal idiot's name-calling and profanity to prove what a great and important person you are.  So if you do, you'll find one less follower in your twitter ranks.

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