Sunday, January 22, 2012

Social Darwinism at Work

With little evidence in their favor, and sometimes great evidence to the contrary, courts are increasingly imposing death sentences on the innocent.

Names like Karen Ann Quinlan and Nancy Cruzan ring distant bells, having been forgotten by most.  Terri Schiavo, whose battle was more prolonged and received much more attention, is remembered by more people. But how many people yet know that name of a 32-year-old Massachusetts woman who suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder who is the subject of the latest court-instigated death order?  Not for her, but for the child she has carried in her womb for 5 months now.

The parents of the woman are seeking legal guardianship so they can order the death of their grandchild.  Her court-appointed Guardian ad Litem found that the woman who has described herself as being "very Catholic" would want to have the baby.  In the face of the woman's beliefs and the findings of her GAL, the lower court went far beyond merely making a contrary order.  In fact, the lower court pulled out of thin air a sterilization order in addition to ordering an abortion. Thankfully the appellate judge has thrown out the sterilization order but has remanded the abortion ruling back to the lower court which will hear the case and make a new ruling.

All this in direct opposition to a 1982  Massachusetts Supreme Court decision which found that the right to give birth, "must be extended to all persons, including those who are incompetent."  The lower court abortion/sterilization ruling is even more troubling given the woman's previous history - she suffered a psychotic break after a previous abortion.  She believed people were telling her she killed her baby.

By the way, about her name?  We don't know her name.  She is only known as "Mary Moe" in the court records.

Pray for "Mary Moe".  God loves her and does know her name.

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