Sunday, April 22, 2012

The best review of an awful book

The Ironies of Real Marriage

Heath Lambert writes a thoughtful and sensitive review of Real Marriage by Mark and Grace Driscoll, published in JBMW, Spring 2012

From the review:

"The Driscolls introduce their readers to the titles
of pornographic books, magazines, and videos;
they provide technical names for specific kinds of
pornographic films; they list the names of celebrities
who have starred in pornography; they even
provide web addresses where readers can meet
people for sex. As I look back on that sentence I
am overwhelmed that a Christian minister could
be so irresponsible." (42)

Read the rest of this excellent review here.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Kamilla,
Unlike you I could never write on theological matters because I am just not qualified. I know so very little and would definitely make a mistake. So that is the background for what I am about to say...I feel like this is part of the problem I see with contemporary American protestantism. Totally untethered and lacking any respect or reference to two thousand years of Christian civilisation or thought. That a man could write a CHRISTIAN marriage book endorsing sodomy is astounding to me. Genuine shock. No wonder his poor wife was overly retiring. (I read the full review). I am just glad there are real Christan men out there to write critical reviews of this garbage.
Also I am personally sick of the marriage as friendship meme. So unromantic...