Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ain't life grand?

I just love God's sense of humour - or convicting timing if you will.

I used to be a vocal Egalitarian - obnoxiously so, if I know myself at all. But, over time, I came to see the cracks in the case. The few prooftexts/proofwords can't stand up to the Big Story. You will read more about this eventually, if you stick with me. For now it's enough to know I dwelt in that dark valley for a number of years.

I no longer dwell there. Because of that and because I seem to have had an unfortunate sense of timing in pressing the issue of our disagreement with a former (Egalitarian) friend - we seem to have had a break in that relationship, which is why I say, "former". It's a bit difficult to put any other spin on things when you receive an email entitled, "Last Word", isn't it?

I only have two things to say in response. The first is - a mere fact of disagreement is no sure indication that someone hasn't listened to or understood your arguments. Sometimes they have understood, apprehended, comprehended, taken them as their own and run with them so enthusiastically they considered moving halfway across the country and taking up full time work for The Cause (it can be any cause, really). But then you see a tear here, a rip there and then the curtain falls away entirely and you see that you have deceived yourself all along. Oh, you understood all right, but you wouldn't let yourself see the little man behind the curtain, working the levers so feverishly every time a new objection popped up. So, old friend, your criticism fails to find a mark because it is possible to understand something and still reject it.

The second thing is far more important because it is wiser than anything I have said here. This is a post by Steve Hutchens over at MereComments. Read it, think about it, let it soak in. For me it was a timely reminder not to blame or wallow over past errors. I pray it finds you *before* it becomes all too necessary.



Diane said...

You are an encouragement to me, Kamilla. This site is now on my check-every-day list.

I wonder if it's ever possible to authentically reject something UNLESS we understand it. Egalitarianism is primarily grounded in inner hunches (or personal preferences), not really in understanding at all.

All men (sic) MAY be created equal, but only in some very limited respects. Everything else is arbitrary extrapolation, or so it seems to me.

Fr. Bill said...

Well, as one who once observed that I do not mince words, you are eschewing the same with gusto!

My secret admirers haven't said much to me through the window I provided them. We'll just have to see whether they toss anything through yours. Or not.

And, thanks for the link to Hutchens. As one of his commenters noted, what he wrote will find its way into the email inboxes of many friends; and the points he makes will find application in my environs and with other correspondents in connection with many subjects unrelated to Mother's Day.

alaiyo said...

So I couldn't wait when I found the address! This is a lovely post, well-reasoned and clear. I look forward to many more!

It is so true that to understand a thing is NOT automatically to accept it; surely at least as often understanding means one MUST reject? It is understanding that gives us the ability to accept or reject a thing on its merits, not on a mere emotional reaction.

Blessings on this start, brave lass. :)


Ralph said...

Kamilla, it's been a great ride... If we really knew that God can intervene in all occasions, and of course he can, but it's a bit unererving to get the ball rolling.

Well, you have shown what God can do to the person who wants to seek Him, and to know truth!

Love Yah Sister! Life is grand... once we get past ourselves :)


Bill R said...

Welcome to your own blog-world, Kamilla! You may inspire me to re-start my old blog, which I was "forced" to give up when I decided to conduct serious research on the vice of sloth. ;-)

Michael said...

> I used to be a vocal Egalitarian - obnoxiously so, if I know myself at all.

Back then, I didn't jokingly call you "Regal" for nothing! [Short for 'rabid egalitarian.']