Sunday, May 25, 2008

Those girls in the city

Most of you probably at least know about the show - it chronicles the, ahem, exploits of 4 women in NYC. Catchy theme, right?

Tonight I saw most of an episode in which Carrie gets a new pair of shoes stolen from a party after the hostess made everyone take their shoes off at the door. When the hostess balks at the price of the shoes, she tells Carrie she has a real life and real responsibilities. Carrie then "registers" to "marry" herself. She registers at the shoe store - for, your guessed it, that one pair of shoes.

Point made, point taken.

We love the wedding showers and weddings and baby showers. We singles are glad to see our friends so happy. We're usually not jealous and most of the time we enjoy being generous. But, just sometimes, we wish the generosity was returned. Because we are friends.


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