Monday, November 24, 2008

They're still at it, zzzzzzzzzz

When I first became acquainted with Egalitarianism, I was so excited. I wondered why no one had ever taught these things before - wow! this is paradigm-shifting, exciting, terribly, terribly new and important. We've got to get the word out!

But then I gained some time and perspective and learned to ask myself why, after two millennia of dedicated and sincere scholarship, it was left to a few enlightened Egalitarian souls living in the midst of an egalitarian society to discover the true, real and genuine meaning of a word or two in Paul's letters to the Ephesians and Timothy. And trust me, the entire case rests on the twin pillars of kephale and authentein. If those two should be proven beyond doubt to have the meaning Cathie Kroeger and her colleagues at CBE claim, then they have a good case. If those two words should fall conclusively, their claims are all dust.

So, when I say they are still at it, check out today's post on Gender Blog at CBMW:

It seems Dr. Kroeger has fired a repeating salvo of her claims that kephale means source, period.

ZZZZZZ. It's going to take a good bit more than fancy footwork and eliding of quotes to convince me she's right.


Michael said...

“Catherine Clark Kroeger gave a paper restating the idea that Paul's use of the term ‘head’ means source of life and carries no meaning of authority.”

Kroeger needs to have her ‘source’ examined.

How convenient for her that Christ’s headship has nothing to do with authority!

Michael said...

“Mimi Haddad ...argued that it was a lack of Bible-reading in the mid-20th century, not egalitarianism, that allowed a turn toward liberalism in the American church.”

A lack of Bible-reading [and committment to its message] is what allowed feminism’s false doctrine to worm its way into the church to become enshrined as gospel truth, along with other liberal and worldly ideas.