Thursday, December 11, 2008

A consumerist eugenics mindset.

This is a "Christian" guide to egg donation. Seems like high-priced prostitution/sex slavery to me.



Rachel Pierson said...

I am coming to the conclusion that the fertility technology is ungodly.

There are so many problems with it, morally. "Reducing", donating, etc.

I think it is rooted in pride as well. "Who is God to say that I can't have children? Hmph! Watch this..." he said as he got out his thick wallet.

It is not because they want to raise and love a child, but because they want to HAVE their own child, and generally when they want it.

Who is it who opens the womb? It is God. He opens the womb and creates life, and if He does not open our womb, who are we to go to Hagar for God's blessing?

Adel Thalos said...

Hi Kamilla,

Thanks for thinking of me.
We're living in an increasingly unchristian society, and people will have more and more difficult times making these moral choices without objective truth.

Say Hi to the people at Vencor for me.

How did you happen to run into my husband's blog?

In Him,
Lynne Thalos

Kamilla said...

Hi Lynne,

I saw a comment left by your husband somewhere and the name rang a bell -- when I followed the link to his profile, I remembered why.

Unfortunately, Vencor is no more. I'm at St. Joe's now and have been here for 10 years - a couple of the nurses from Vencor work in ICU.

I'm so please to hear you have three now - I think it was just the two last time I saw you. Children are such a blessing!