Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The goal of CBE's blog

Recently, I made the singularly foolish move of becoming involved in a discussion over at CBE's blog. Calumnies abound, including the Godwin-invoking Hitler and a claim that the church has been supporting the hunting down and killing of Jews for two millennia. When I responded to such dreck by unwisely indicated how I would have dealt with such a response back when I ran CBE's discussion board, this particular post's authoress responded thusly:

Kamilla…….now that I have looked in the dictionary to see what ‘calumny’ means, I am sorry you feel certain posts have been slanderous. I was encouraged by Donald’s kind words and maybe have not been so vigilant in the last few days re writers’ comments.
I will check through and write to any folks whose comments could be construed to be critical. Attitude is all important and it is one of our mandates to promoted peaceful, fair and kind discussion.

So now we have it. More important than being truthful and dealing promptly with tired old canards, lies, and calumnies, we mussssst be nice, promote peace and fairness.

To hell with the truth, with godliness, with holiness and discipline. Above all else, let us be kind.

At this point, I can't help but recall Flannery O'Connor's words about where kindness leads us . . .


Michael said...

> Above all else, let us be kind.

When it comes to discussion of the issue at hand, that'd be an improvement for many egals.

> To hell with the truth, with godliness, with holiness and discipline.

If someone bothers bringing the truth into it, then they will say that person is being unkind, unfair, divisive, majoring on minors, etc.

> Attitude is all important

Right, we must get along with, and accept their views as an "agree to disagree"-thing, but they make careers out of opposing traditional interpretations in the most outlandish ways. There's no attitude of "agree to disagree" with them. Not agreeing with them makes one an accomplice to oppression.

IlĂ­on said...

Don't you just *hate* "Niceanity?"