Thursday, May 7, 2009

In praise of Enchantment

Recently, I had a wonderful trip to Washington, DC where I spent a few days for my birthday. While there, I recall one moment on the subway when I noticed the cross looks I was getting, I realized I had been humming out loud. Joy tends to lead one to break out into song of one sort or another.

Here are four links. I have nothing more to say than this: If they don't leave you utterly echanted, with a tear brimming at the corner of your eye, well, I think you're missing somethng:

Susan Boyle

The Whimsy of God

Dancing in Antwerp train station

Cantare Amantis Est

1 comment:

Michael said...


I'm still recommending square dancing. ;o)

The Antwerp station one was neat, but it couldn't have been spontaneous -- too much correography. [It sort of made it look like spectators were gradually entering in.] Still, neat to watch.