Sunday, August 30, 2009

A defining fault, the vice of our era?

Dawn Eden signs off

In order to concentrate on her studies, Dawn Eden has published her last blog post. In explaining her need to concentrate on her studies and her weakness (even vice) in not being about to just "quickly" check her email, etc. she writes this, confessing a sin to which so many of us fall prey:

But the truth is that I allow myself to be distracted by whatever comes to mind while I am at the computer, to the point where it becomes a self-medication for loneliness and boredom. And why do I become lonely and bored? Because I waste so much time on the Internet, of course.

And here she points us to the good doctor's treatment of this sin with these words:

St. Thomas Aquinas had a word for this vice that causes one to fail to moderate one's quest for knowledge: curiositas. With all the years of my life that I have spent in online curiositas, I have precious little wisdom to show for it.

And this link:

Aquinas on Curiosity

However, if you want to keep up with Dawn and find out if she may be speaking in your area, you may do so here:

I'm taking Dawn's wisdom in this matter and scaling back my own participation in and reading/scanning of certain blogs, etc. I hope this will result in more substantive and frequent posts on this blog and a substantial chunk of my book being written before the end of the year.

2 comments: said...

Good, Kamilla; God bless your self-discipline.


Maggie said...

I can definitely relate! The key is moderation. I find that too much self-discipline can lead to burn out and lack of imagination. One does need time to explore and play with ideas in an unstructured way. What you discover can then inform your work in other areas. But self-discipline is obviously important too. The key is finding the right balance. I'll let you know if I ever do.