Sunday, November 8, 2009

Welcome to Bibliomanes Anonymous

Hello, my name is Kamilla and this is my first meeting.

Welcome to BA, Kamilla. Everybody say hello to Kamilla . . . .

So Wednesday is the day. Many books will be browsed through, picked up, etc. Four of them are already paid for and waiting on a shelf for their new owner. Yes, it's the long-awaited trip to Portland, Oregon and Powell's City of Books.

Here is the list so far:

Steve Kellmeyer, Sex and the Sacred City (a popularization of JPIIs TOB)
Herbert Schlossberg, Idols for Destruction
Richard Weaver, Ideas Have Consequences
Henry Chadwick, The Early Church (Penguin History of the Church)
Nicholas Krisof, Half the Sky (to be reviewed on this blog as part of the Sex Trafficking series)
J. Gresham Machen, Christanity & Liberalism
Elizabeth Loftus, The Myth of Repressed Memory

And the other contenders, which might find a new home:

Julia Child, My Life in France (NOT the movie tie-in cover, please!)
Julian Green, The Other One
Alessandro Manzoni, The Betrothal
Edmund Spenser, Amoretti The Fairie Queene
John Milton, Paradise Lost
Homer/Fagles, The Odyssey

Fun, eh?


Fr. Bill said...

You're going to review and/or interact with all these?

I read Schlossberb years ago, and need to revisit him. Weaver has been on my to-read list for ages. Machen is another blast from the past. I'd consider Kellmeyer, since I might actually get around to reading it while JPII's work sounds daunting, particularly as I fear I'll be disagreeing with him on a very fundamental point.

Keep us posted on what you're going to do with these besides read them yourself!

alaiyo said...

Oh, loveliness! I just got a huge box of books from Writer's Digest -- no time to look at them yet, of course, but somehow I doubt I'll get as much grading done over Thanksgiving as I might have planned . . .

Looking forward to reviews!

Bill, you must, must, must read Weaver. That book is amazing, as are all the rest. My favorite, after _Ideas_, is _Language is Sermonic_.