Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sally Jenkins "gets" it

Yes, here it is. The inevitable Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad post. You knew it was coming, it comes to every blog sooner or later. Some love it, some hate it and very few of those have even seen it. It's just the idea of the thing which gets people going.

Jenkins' article is full of wonderful mockery of the "Dwindling Organizations of Ladies in Lockstep" and "The National Organization of Women Who Only Think Like Us". Sarcastic titles aside, she points out simply and without fanfare that these women have shown themselves to be anything but pro-choice. As she notes they, "reveal something important about themselves: They aren't actually 'pro-choice' so much as they are pro-abortion."

Will the National Organization of Gals (NAGs) succeed in getting CBS to pull the ad? At this time, it looks like the ad will air as expected. But, never fear! If it does, Gloria Allred is one the case . . .

Jenkins' article is online at the Washington Post website to subscribers only.

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