Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Feeding Frenzy

I'm connected to LifeSite news on Facebook and have been watching the developing story surrounding famed exorcist, Fr. Thomas Euteneuer. Here is the latest .

In brief, the priest has admitted to a violation of chastity with an adult woman and that said violation fell short of the sexual act.

So, there you have it. And yes, he is right that it is pointless to respond to every crackpot with access to the internet. But no, his defenders are wrong to point the finger at his"attackers". If Rev. Euteneuer had not opened the door with his unwise behaviour, there would be nothing with which to attack him. As it is, he has admitted to one sinful violation of his vows and it seems there are credible allegations of other instances.

I do deliberately call it unwise behaviour because our falls into sin rarely arise ex nihilo. In Euteneuer's case, he admits to violations of the proper protocol in his prayer ministry and, on occasion, helping people without others present. What he forgot is that those protocols are in place to protect both him and those to whom he ministers. He believed he needed to act quickly in some cases, in violation of those protocols. By doing so, he left both himself and those he presumed to be helping vulnerable to actual and perceived sinful acts.

So, the question is: Did his violation of basic principles really help in the end?

It seems the answer is "no". Just remember, the sharks wouldn't be circling around him now if he had not first put the chum in the water himself.

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