Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The reading list grows ever longer

London's Daily Mail has a lot to answer for, I'll tell you. I already have a stack of books next to my reading chair which reaches up to my elbow. On top of the bookcase next to my reading chair there is another stack of books numbering just past a baker's dozen. And NOW I have to add another to the list. feh.

The Daily Mail has published an article featuring the forthcoming book by WND Books, The Flipside of Feminism. Readers are sure to be breathlessly awaiting (as the article's author expects) a "furious response" from feminists, their allies and cobelligerants. Of course, anything coming from the pen of Phyllis Schlafly elicits such a response, no matter the subject. She is one of those conservative women feminazis just lurrrv to hate. In this book, however, she is joined by Suzanne Venker as co-author. Venker is probably most well-known for her book, 7 myths of working mothers: Why children and (most) careers just don't mix . And wouldn't you know it, but that book includes a forward by Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Go figure!

Venker is surely right that we are living in a culture which makes it difficult for you to keep your own vows, let alone expect someone else to stand by theirs.

I can't wait to get the book (it's out next month) and do an extended review.


Beth Impson said...

Looking forward to the review -- sounds like a good read!

Mcmom said...

Can't wait to hear what you think! I'll have to get mine ordered. Thanks for the heads up!