Friday, December 23, 2011

Weekend Round-up, Christmas Edition

The gift that has keeps on taking: The Obama administration's NIH director has approved yet more funding for embryonic stem cell research

In the Tough Girl's Guide to high holiday expectations, The Crescat reminds us that Christmas isn't high school and there are more important things to think about than whether or not you have a date for the "big event".  It is, after all, the celebration of Someone Else's birthday.

Just say "no" to the red kettle, has been my response to the news about the Salvation Army's stance on abortion.  My friend, Leroy Huizenga, offers a more nuanced response and a nudge to proactive action rather than reactive protest.

Turning the tables on rich, white do-gooders who seem to think the poor brown folk inhabiting the, ahem, dark continent are stupid -- a group of African musicians have released a response to Band-Aid's, "Do They Kow It's Christmas?" with proceeds going towards teaching discipline, literacy and contraception in British schools. 

Christmas around my house would be incomplete without the St. Olaf Choir's Christmas Festival.  Enjoy!

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