Friday, December 30, 2011

The Rest of the Ten Most-Read Posts of 2011

  1. Moral Bankruptcy is a post about the boy-girl wrestling controversy and the bankrupt arguments for treating girls just like boys that are to be found at Her.meneutics (Christianity Today's blog for women).
  2. Religious feminists seem Desperate to see a woman in the White House.  The post includes a clip from a Bachmann speech containing an astonishing number of errors in one short segment.  The Congresswoman's star seems to be fading and she may be out of the race in another week or two.
  3. Stolen Identity and True Grit is both a review of the movie and a counter to Carolyn Custis James's feminist reading of it.
  4. Feminism, Consciousness-Raising, art therapy and looking like nothing so much as a Children's Play Group.
  5. Air-brushed Scriptures are the basis for women in ministry - a video clip from N.T. Wright which I had a hard time giving a charitable read.
  6. The Cultural Tsunami disperses was my post on the end of the Oprah! show and the overwrought reactions among Evangelical girl bloggers, as if we all now have a Oprah-shaped void in our souls.
  7. The Question was another post which looked a the Bachmann phenomenon and Byron York's question to her in one of the first debates. I still say York was right to ask the question and the post explains why.
  8. Molech Today's Priestess left me horrified and then angry.  How any publication claiming to be Evangelical and Christian can publish a cold-blooded recitation of a woman's decision to engage in Pre-Implantation Genetic testing and then having the embryos destroyed is still mostly beyond my comprehension.  Thankfully, the CT empire has since severed their contractual relationship with the writer.
  9. In The Herodias Syndrome, I point to an excellent article of that name which tells of the problems with women, contraception and pastoral timidity.

No surprise that the fun, uplifting, positive posts got far fewer reads.  There is something perverse in us to prefer controversy.

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