Saturday, June 2, 2012

Here's my Question

**If you are going to toddle on over to Rachel's blog, please don't neglect to read the comments. Once again, the religious feminists are letting their slip show.  The rank demotion of homemaking to "home caretaking" and the way homemaking and motherhood are openly despised should tell you, even if their revisionist exegetical arguments have not, that this movement is NOT a godly one.

Normally, I would tell folks to just ignore anything coming from someone claiming to be a Christian while publishing blasphemy about "God Herself", but this time Rachel Held Evans has piqued my personal interest by  adding Mimi Haddad of CBE to her "ask a ..." series.  Since I am prohibited from responding on her blog, I'll just have to ask my question here on my blog.

Someone has already had the courage to asked the "slippery slope" question - why does acceptance of "egalitarianism" seem to lead to the affirmation of homosexual relationships?  No doubt this will get a chorus of "boos", but allow me to follow that up with a bit of supporting background.

CBE does have a rather spotty record of maintaining Evangelical orthodoxy outside of the "woman question". They have featured the work of openly homosexual minister, Paul Smith and his book, "Is it OK to call God Mother?" as well as a similar work for children by Jann Aldredge Clanton.  Until recently, they featured Shawna Atteberry as a listed blogger on The Scroll.  In addition to being homosexual-affirming, Clanton and Atteberry both support something called the "Christian Godde Project" which promotes worship of "Christ-Sophia" and "divine wisdom" as "a key to understanding the Divine Feminine insofar as She reveals Godde."  The Smith and Clanton books were removed from CBE's bookstore listings after public attention was focused on them.  Of the three, only Atteberry's association was discontinued at her own request - but again, this only happened after Atteberry's rank paganism was brought to public light. 

With that as background, here is my question:

In the past, CBE has disassociated from pagan-progressive writers such as Clanton. But now you seem more willing to embrace such writers, speakers and leaders such as Shane Claiborne, the gnostic Vaun Swanson and Rachel Held Evans (who writes of "God Herself"). At the same time those on the more conservative end of your constituency, I think here particularly of Doug and Rebecca Groothuis, seem to be distancing themselves from their association with CBE.

Does it not worry you that the "slippery slope" charge appears to be bearing itself out in less than a generation

UPDATE: After a few more hours' sleep, I think it would be good to add a few more pieces to the argument that CBE is falling prey to that fabled slippery slope.

CBE has hosted Jenell Williams Paris as a speaker and published her in their journal.  I have reveiwed Paris' book here where I detail some of the problems with her approach to sexuality, including the claims that celibacy can be damaging and that sexual relationships outside of marriage can be good.

In addition, not just a slippery slope but a slide into plasticized, self-defined sexuality is evident in the description of a presentation at CBEs 2009 conference, given by Megan DeFranza:

Gender Construction in Society and Church: What We Can Learn from the Intersexed **
Because of the creation of Adam and Eve, most Christians assume there are only two sexes (male and female), and that these sexes work themselves out in two genders (masculine and feminine). Intersexed persons are those born neither clearly male nor female. Some intersexed persons and their advocates are calling for recognition of a third sex category and rejection of traditional understandings of male and female, an idea not yet adequately explored by theologians. Jesus’ teaching on the eunuch may provide a resource for the intersexed and open up new ways to think about sex and gender in society and church.

That enough evidence?


Bill Honsberger said...

Hi there. I am almost stunned at how fast the goddess beliefs have come zooming in the church through the emergent heretics and now you show this from the egalitarian movement as well. The speed of the change is what is stunning. Thanks for bringing this out.
God bless

Kamilla said...

The simple explanation is because "egalitarianism" truly is a gnostic belief system.

But yet, it is astonishing to see how fast they are accelerating down that slippery slope - as if they no longer care about maintaining a fig leaf of Evangelical orthodoxy.

Don't look for the Evangelical Theological Society to do away withe the "Evangelicals and Gender Study Group" any time soon, or even grow a pair of you know whats and get rid of the gnostics all together.

Ali said...

Hi Kamilla,

Where do you see Doug and Rebecca Groothuis distancing themselves from CBE?

Anonymous said...

Waiting for an answer about D. & R. Groothuis.

Kamilla said...

Sorry, Ali. I thought I had responded.

A few years ago, CBE held their national conference in Denver And neither of them spoke. I have seen no word of either one publishing articles in Priscilla Papers in some years. Things like that.

But I don't scan every issue of PP, etc which is why I only said "seem".

Ali said...

Thanks, Kamilla. That Anonymous comment wasn't me. Obviously someone else was interested too!

FeatherBlade said...


I found the link to your blog on Doug Wilson's site, and, as someone who got briefly sucked in to the who feminist victim mentalitiy by reading feminist blogs, I must say that I find your writing very refreshing!

I'm rather amused by the idea that we need a third sex category. If these people bothered to read they would realize that we already have it (hermaphrodite) and an appropriate pronoun to go along with (the neuter "it" - which I acknowledge is problematic in that the use of it tends to denote a lack of personhood in the object it references).

Kamilla said...

Thanks, Featherblade! I sm very happy about your escape.