Thursday, July 3, 2008

SATC - another shamelss plug

I am noticing an interesting phenomenon among reviews of "Sex and the City" - the movie. I don't have certain knowledge about the lives and sins of the reviewers. However, it seems to me that those who have lived (however peripherally) the sort of lifestyle these four women personify, have a less generous reaction to the movie than those who have been sheltered and may have only flirted with that sort of sinful life by watching it on television.

I was late for church Sunday morning because I couldn't tear myself away from Colleen Campbell's interview of Dawn Eden, author of Thrill of the Chaste. I've begun browsing Dawn's blog and highly recommend it!


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the movie. I will cop to having seen the entire TV series. And, as a relatively privileged ex-city slicker approaching 40, I kinda sorta fit the demographic portrayed in the series.

Sex and the City made me cringe when I first saw it. Carrie's questions (which articulate the theme of each episode) seemed trite and the show seemed too bent on making Big, Clever, Sophisticated Statements about the Nature of Men and Women. In doing so, the show initially struck me as bourgeois and retrograde. But the series grew on me over time as the characters became fleshed out a little more, and as some of the situations struck me as funny. I was particularly entertained by the law partner who started inviting Miranda to dinner parties at his home; it turned out he thought she was a lesbian and his wife wanted a lesbian to round out their social circle. Nice takedown of the hypocrisy of the liberal elite! (Granted, I may be the liberal elite, but it was still funny.) And I do enjoy the fun clothes, and luxurious atmosphere.

Having come around to having some fondness for the series, I am now more irritated by the press's reaction to Sex and the City. The characters are taken as a stand-in for REAL women who live the single life in the big city, but there is nothing especially realistic or representative about the lifestyles of any of these characters. Also, there is way too much handwringing over how frivolous the movie is, and how no self-respecting man would go to see it. Men's light entertainment (which I believe is often equally frivolous, if not more so) is not usually subjected to the same kind of wide spread scorn; nor does anyone worry about whether women will like Terminator 3.

-- Maggie Fox

Kamilla said...

Hi Maggie,

There are things I like about the tv series - did you catch my earlier post on the episode about singles never getting showers thrown for them?

I think the answers seemed more trite than the questions - the questions are occasionally very good ones. You probably won't be surprised, however, if I tell you I don't recall a single instance when they actually came up with the right answers.

But I won't be seeing the movie because of the content - which I gather is similar to the original content of the series before it was toned down for syndication. I don't know if I can even still watch the television series.