Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why am I not surprised?

I'm beginning to think I should make an "Irony Alert" a regular feature of this blog.

Today I learned of a new PAC called, "Matthew 25 Network". On the banner of their web page they specifically quote verse 40. Typical of the left, they assume that only candidates and policies which support big government programs care about, "promoting life with dignity . . .strengthening and supporting families . . ." Funny thing is, the last 40+ years of increasing government programs designed to help the family have made the goal of strong families even farther away. And the programs will continue to do so as long as they offer Big Daddy Government in place of flesh and blood fathers.

However, the PAC has endorsed Barack Obama, with the approval of signatory Brian McLaren. If you haven't been paying attention lately and wonder where the irony lies in this - go read Matthew 25:40 and then recall that their chosen one has the most pro-abortion record on record.


The group also lists a button on their front page which delivers you to another page on their website which starts: "Some in the faith community have been promoting false and misleading information about Senator Obama’s record on a number of vital issues"

The first point on which they attempt to "put away falsehood" is on Obama's support of what some have termed, "post-birth" abortion. The website claims Obama supported the Federal version of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. This is patently false, as Jill Stanek has shown. Obama actually OPPOSED changing the language of the proposed Illinois state law which would have brought it in line with the federal language. He then opposed the law altogether on grounds, according to his own words on the floor of the state senate, that he was afraid it would lead to a dismantling of Roe v Wade.

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Rachel Pierson said...

In the 2007 Planned Parenthood event sited on the baylyblog, he stated that the first thing he would do in office would be to put through the Federal Freedom of Choice bill (or something to that effect) which would nullify the ban on the partial birth abortion.

I am always cautious about "he said...she said" politics, but when it comes from his own mouth, it's hard to misunderstand...sometimes.