Saturday, January 2, 2010

Brand spanking new, the 2010 Blogroll

Baylyblog No surprise there.

ClearNote Fellowship Blog Remind me to tell you sometime what Mr. Foster said in Sunday School that almost had me creating a scene.

Blog and Mablog From the always-challenging Doug Wilson

Inside Catholic Someday you'll get to read the reason in a book dedication

What's Wrong with the World Doesn't the title tell it all?

FirstThings Because, even though they didn't bring one friend on board, they did hire the other friend.

These are the daily reads for 2010


Michael said...

I think I know what you are talking about, dear sister!

I'm not the only Reformed Baptistic Charismatic out there...

Lets see....

There is Martyn Llyod-Jones, John Piper, and we mustn't forget the Apostle Paul. ;)

alaiyo said...

I've been enjoying seeing you post over at WWWtW!

Kamilla said...


I think I was the only one that found the Strongbow commercial funny.

Hello Michael,

Thanks for stopping by - I don't think we know each other, do we?


Michael said...

Yes. I once taught a Sunday School that you sat through...

Kamilla said...


Aha! I love your new blog, by the way!