Monday, December 28, 2009

By Lars, I think he's got it!

Even though I posted an initial facetious response, I think Lars Walker over at MereComments has our age pegged about right in his post, The Post-Ironic Age :

I think we live in the first age in history in which such nonsense is possible on a worldwide scale. There have always been totalitarian societies where the subject of the emperor's clothing deficit has been dangerous to bring up, but only today is such delusion acceptable everywhere. And not merely among the “ignorant masses,” but most especially and vociferously among the intellectuals.

Yes, I think that's about right.


Who knew? I mean, really, who knew the kum-ba-yah-lefties had invaded the criminal justice system of Saudi Arabia? Turns out, the plotters of the Christmas Day Almost-terrorist-attack were released from Gitmo into the custody of the government of Saudi Arabia which, in turn, placed them into an art therapy rehabilitation program . Lydia McGrew, over at What's Wrong with the World has it right. Place this one in the, "Let's not learn anything from this" file.

It's a very big file.

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