Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pathetic, disgusting lies

I am ashamed to say, I was a frequent contributor to this forum (linked removed) in one of its earlier incarnations. Even then, I found it thoroughly frustrating to attempt to steer them away from this sort of thing. It's become mostly boring to browse through. But then, every once in a while, they let their slip show. They post something in the public forums that should be in the ultra-secret-private-protect-our-fragile-members-and-their-libels-from-public-interaction-forums.

This (link removed) is one such post. They've already discussed taking it to one of those private forums. So, if they do so before you see it, you need only know they are doing their level best to link the sort of Muslim extremism that results in acid attacks on women with the Church's constant witness and teaching on men and women in marriage and in the Body of Christ.

Only by shining the light can we overcome the darkness -- or at the least, force it into increasingly smaller corners.


Kevin Jones said...

Looks like it's hidden. Wish you had taken a screenshot or copied the text.

If I come across a page like that, I try to save it to disk.

Kamilla said...


I'm not sure how to take a screenshot. However, I did copy the text and have it saved -- which I will email to anyone who requests it.


eulogos said...

Kamilla, I'd like to see it. But I think I will post my email over at Irenaeus' blog.

eulogos said...
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