Friday, April 23, 2010

Please sir, may I have some more?

It's seems the world is getting madder by the day. Not as in angry but as in clinically insane. Just from recent news and happenings, here are the six madnesses I've run across:

  1. Though it is the last week in April, parts of Colorado are under Winter storm warnings today. Here in the Denver metro area we went to sleep to the sound of rain and woke up to the lack of sound -- of snow. Shhh, don't tell AlGore.
  2. Tim Tebow is coming to Denver as a result of the NFL draft. This is good news, especially as he seems decades more mature than the majority of our last half-dozen or so QBs. One can also hope that the proximity to FOTF (less than an hour south of the Bronco's training facility) will provide for enough cross-influence that the next Super Bowl ad will actually have some content worth watching.
  3. Riverdale High School and the Archie comics are getting their first gay character. According to the news stories, this is finally a man Veronica can't have at the crook of her little finger. But really, how likely is it that he can actually beat Jughead in a hamburger-eating contest? -- which is how he is, apparently, to be introduced.
  4. Government Motors, pardon me, General Motors is paying back its bail-out money with . . .wait for it, wait for it . . .TARP money. Oh, the irony!
  5. I'm sure most of you have heard by now about the SEC's porn problem. Part of me wants to side with Mark Steyn on this one. Perhaps if all the government regulators were watching more porn the economy would be in better shape.
  6. And the sixth and final madness, which is the reason for the post's title: The world's three largest employers are:

1. The Chinese Army

2. India's National Railways

3. Britain's NHS

--- Oh yes, sir, may I please have some more?


dora said...

I'm from England, so I don't know about much that is taking place in America.

But this I know, it's as godless in this country as it is in the US.

By the way cathleenT, it looks all chinese to me.

Or is that Japanese?

Kamilla said...


Thanks for your comment. I sometimes think it must be harder for you in England, having the history right there and seeing the decline. Not just the lovely old buildings getting pulled down to make way for an ASDA or a 24-hour Tesco, but the beautiful historic churches that stand empty on Sundays.


P.S. I'm not sure what language Cathleen typed in, but I don't have the capacity to take anything other than the characters on a regular keyboard.