Thursday, May 6, 2010

Femininity Regained

The Essence of a Woman's Vocation

The difference that sets women apart is that she imitates the Church, the Bride of Christ. As peculiar as this might seem at first glance, let us consider what the Church does. In supernatural ways, the Church welcomes new members, she cleanses them in the waters of Baptism, she feeds them at the Eucharistic feast, and she reconciles them in the confessional. She heals them with her anointing balm and finally lays each to rest in the hope if rising again. Throughout she consoles, sustains, and most importantly teaches each member in order that he might find his dignity and the meaning of his life.

What could be more feminine?

In a natural sense, this is where woman finds her dignity and meaning. It is not a strict formula or a straight-jacket. On the contrary, she takes these elements, combines them with her talents and her circumstances in life, and forges a path unique and charged with beauty. With these elements as guides, she will ponder her vocation and discover what God wishes her to do that is squarely in the folds of the Mystical Body of Christ, and yet unrepeatable and life-giving to all who are touched by her influence.

We live in an incarnational world. This means that deigned to visit us by sending His Son, and that his presence in the family of Nazareth, in the world, transformed all families an all of the world. A cup of water in His Name becomes a channel of immeasurable grace and the acceptance of suffering in union with His suffering is a path to heaven. We cannot ignore the little things as insignificant, nor can we rely on the accolades of the secular world as a criterion for eternal good.

. . .Attend to the littlest details with affection and live your life as a model of the Church. With love and docility, ask Christ to mold your heart into the heart of bride, a Bride fit for His service and then take on the world -- in your own feminine way -- for the glory of His name and the sake of souls!

-- Genevieve Kineke, The Lost Essence of Femininity

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Amanda said...

What a beautiful reminder. Thank you, dear sister!