Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Raising a family, leading a country

It looks as if Sarah Palin is just not going to go away. Whether or not she seeks some party's nomination to run for President next year is an open question.

But I have to say, Mrs. Palin's track record doesn't bode well as a predictor of her ability to govern well and stick with a tough job. She found herself faced with a pregnant teenager who she had *assumed* knew enough to make wise choices. And then what does she do? Removes herself even farther from substantial involvement in that girl's life by taking on national campaign. Then she quits as Alaska's governor because the lawsuits have proven too difficult to deal with.

Doesn't look good for the future, does it?

Nor does Miss Bristol Palin's twitter feed bode well for a controversy-free run, should her mom decide to have at the top job. I think she's trying to tell her mom something here.

The question remains: Will Sarah stop long enough to listen? And what about Mr. Palin?

Addendum: Bristol's twitter feed may be a fake. And it *does* look a little too good to be true. However, my closing questions remain.


vielleur said...

The media pounds on her mercilessly every chance it gets, but as you say, she's not quite got what it takes. She might be a good spokeswoman for the movement, but I sure hope she stays out of the race. It'll hurt the gains that have been made.

And that is totally unrelated to my belief that a woman should not hold that position in the first place -- even a "more qualified" one than Palin. In that regard, I think Michele Bachmann has more smarts for the job and is more dignified than Sarah Palin.

pentamom said...

There's apparently some question as to whether that "Twitter feed" is real. The problem is, this site doesn't offer anything more than assertion:

But my inclination would be to consider it a fake because it strikes me as sounding much more like something someone would fake, than something someone would really do. That's just a hunch, though.

Kamilla said...

I saw that, too. I've added an addendum. The twitter feed looks a bit too perfect, doesn't it? I think, though, that my final questions still stand.