Saturday, March 5, 2011

She's at it again - religious feminists and their penchant for re-writing history

One of my favorite religious feminists to watch is at it again. First, she claimed to have been in online discussions back in the late 1980s with one of CBMW's current leaders who was (I do believe) actually in high school at the time. I am sure he was blissfully unaware of the Evangelical battle lines being drawn between CBE and CBMW back then and had no thought of engaging in online discussions with one of the more imaginative religious feminists.

Now, shes' making another claim about those discussions. After having been corrected on the timeline, she's back at her imaginary timeline. Sure, back then she was on discussion boards with a high school kid when forums weren't commercially available and generally only available to military and academic types - but she remembers it that way so it must be so. But now she not only remembers being in those discussions, she remembers how the creation of the term "complementarian" played out.

Against such flights of fancy, who can stand?

Note: She is correct about how the discussion played out, just not her concurrent participation in those discussions.

Addendum: I have just received confirmation from Randy Stinson that his involvement with CBMW began in 2000 and that he was unaware of the battle lines being drawn between CBE and CBMW back in 1987 when the term "complementarian" was coined. Although, in 1987, he was two years out of high school.

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