Monday, September 1, 2008

Coincidence of Opposites

Recently here in Denver, there was something of a coincidence of opposites. The Democrats gathered for their convention. It was a week of festivities and conflict - though, it seems, the folks who vowed to "ReCreate '68" were more talk than action. The object and center piece of their convention was the nomination of an infanticidal man who is the very antithesis of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's dream. Barack Obama, the junior senator from Illinois was to be their nominee. He is a nearly empty suit - rising to prominence in what is likely the most corrupt political machine in this country. Here is a man with very little on his resume. He was president of the Harvard Law Review and a professor of law at the University of Chicago's Law School - and yet he never managed to publish one law review or journal article in either position. This is unheard of. And, after his supporters criticized a McCain ad likening him to a rock-star, Obama provided nothing less than a rock concert atmosphere for his acceptance speech in the ultimate venue of rock concerts - a football stadium.

Obama's record in opposing measures designed to protect the youngest survivors of violence - babies born alive after attempts to murder them by abortion - is a matter of public record that has been well documented by Jill Stanek and others. His ostensible reason for opposing the legislation was to protect Roe. This is a smoke screen as he also opposed adding a provision to the legislation that would accomplish precisely that goal. He has also promised to sign in to law the Freedom of Choice Act - a law which negates every state provision designed at restricting even late-term abortions and protecting young women from being forced into abortion by their rapists (parental notification guidelines, etc.). In short, Obama is the most radically pro-abortion candidate in our country's history.

This isn't Dr. Martin Luther King's dream - Obama represents the antithesis of the Dream. He is being judged by the color of his skin rather than the content of his character.

On the night Mrs. Obama took the stage to laud her husband, a different sort of gathering was taking place across town from the DNC at the Pepsi Center. There was a vigil outside of the Planned Parenthood Clinic of Stapleton. At this gathering, Dr. King's niece, Dr. Alveda King spoke of the fight against abortion as the newest frontier in the battle for civil rights. Denver's Abp Charles Chaput also spoke and I will leave you with a few words from his address to the vigil:

Killing an unborn child is never the right answer to a woman's or society's problems. Acts of violence create a culture of violence -- and abortion is the most intimate form of violence there is. It wounds the woman, it kills the unborn child and it poisons the roots of justice and charity that bind us all into one human family.


Michael said...

> Obama represents the antithesis of the Dream.

Good one, Kamilla.

> Dr. King's niece, Dr. Alveda King spoke of the fight against abortion

Glad to hear that!

pabella3 said...

"rising to prominence in what is likely the most corrupt political machine in this country."

This is where I have to tune out every (sorry) stupid conservative that spits out a line like this.

Talk about corruption all you want, but at the end of the day, Daley and the rest of that "corrupt machine" that you speak about with such unknowing disdain has turned Chicago around.

When I was growing up there, you could only go downtown or to the tourist attractions, or to a small handful of neighborhoods nowhere near downtown.

Now, it's a thriving city with culture and vibrancy at nearly every turn. Even some of the historically deadly neighborhoods are coming around.

Also, if the definition of a great politician is one that gets things done for their constituants, then Chicago has a history of giving flight to many of the greatest politicians. You can have McCain trying to slash everything (likely including the faith based initiative), and I'll take the politicians that learned from Rosty, Daley, Vrdolyak and Tunney. People that cared enough about their communities to know that sometimes, the only way you're going to get things done is to grease a palm or two.

The politicians that seem to think that they'll magically change that are the ones so naive that they scare me to death.

Don't blog about what you don't know. It's annoying.

Kamilla said...

Ah yes, and here we have a textbook example of histrionica liberalis.

Thanks for the chuckle!