Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fun, SCARY and I STILL can't believe I just did it!

It turned out rather nicely. I haven't done it in years, and it turns out I haven't lost the touch - I can still do it.


Michael said...

What is "it"? Are you cooking again? ;o)

Fr. Bill said...

Arrived at work on a pogo stick?

Reshingled the roof?

Gave the cat a bath?

Cooked "Chicken with 100 cloves of garlic?"

Joined Bikers For Palin?

Served moose stew to the homeless?

Ate moose stew?

Stewed eight mooses (or is it meese?).

Ingested a quarter ounce of salvia divinorum?

Nosey minds want to know!

Kamilla said...

Yes, I am cooking again, but that isn't it. And no, I am afraid if I attempted to get to work on a pogo stick, I would arrive as a patient in my own ER!

You two have fallen into my sinister plan to find out if I still had any readers, heheheee!

You will probably never guess what I did, so I shall tell you. I cut my own hair! It's a technique I read about years ago. You comb your wet hair smoothly up into a pony tail. If you put the pony tail towards the back of the head you will have just a few shallow layers. If you put the pony tail up on top or towards the front, the layers will be deeper. And then you simply snip everything all at once, as far away from your head as you want the longest layers to be.

It didn't turn out too bad, even if I do say so myself.


Michael said...

> You two have fallen into my sinister plan to find out if I still had any readers

Yep, you caught us!

> It didn't turn out too bad

Whew -- that's a big relief! Nothing worse than paying for a botched haircut.

Dan said...

I've been stopping by for a little while; like your blog. given the reasons behind such a post I thought I'd let you know.

Kamilla said...

Hi Dan,

Thanks for stopping by. I'll be bold and ask (ignore me or email me privately if you wish) -- how did you find me?


Rachel Pierson said...


So sorry to take so long to get back to this. I am afraid that I am guilty of lurking. I never thought of such a clever way of finding out if anyone is visiting your blog. You are something.

About two years ago, my step daughter was telling me how she cuts her hair. I was very interested, because 1) I am stingy and 2) I got fed up with the hair goddesses scolding me for trimming my bangs.

It was Thanksgiving when they told me about it, and by Christmas, I had done it! I was very excited, too, and I thought I had gained some victory over the hair goddesses. I used to tell everyone.

I have returned to my spirit of fear and dependence, though and in July, wanting my husband to be pleased with the beauty on the train with him, I returned to the seat of offering at the beauty chapel.

I was, for the first time ever, pleased with the result immediately and ever since. It might just be the side effect of an actually meaningful conversation with the woman who cut my hair.

I plan to go back there soon, and ask her again to church or dinner or something.


Kamilla said...


Ah yes, the hair goddesses. I have been spared most of that for years because I found a woman who runs her own shop - however, she is almost impossible to get a hold of because she's so busy. So I tried it myself - an managed to leave it quite long, thank goodness!

I once cut it myself another way and it came out uneven the first time . . . but I managed to correct it with the second cut and didn't end up looking like a schoolgirl with a bad bob cut.

We'll have to compare methods when we meet, ok?


Michael said...

> Ah yes, the hair goddesses.

Trying to figure this term out based upon how y'all have used it. I'm guessing these are the women who make a living removing a woman's glory to a greater or lesser degree?

If I were defining it from my male perspective, I'd say a "hair goddess" was a woman with a whole lot of hair -- more than most mere mortals who frequent beauty shops. So often, shorter is seen as better. Can't figure that out for the life of me, or the popularity of these goddesses.

Anyway, just expressing my ignorance...

Valerie (Kyriosity) said...

I haven't paid for a haircut in 30 years. And technically I didn't pay for that mom did. Though I'd rather get a friend to do it, I've done the ponytail thing myself many a time, though never the layers thing.