Sunday, March 15, 2009

Can you judge a book by its cover?

If you want closure . . .

Apparently we women are awfully stupid. We keep falling for the wrong men and doing the wrong things to keep them. How else to explain this book that looks just plain silly? Here is a quote from a reader review at Amazon:

There was nothing new or different; most of the subjects that Mr. Boom covered were the messages that mothers and grandmothers have been passed down for years.

And, for this we need to buy a $15 paperback?


Michael said...

If you want closure... Start With Your Legs

Interesting. And it's by a guy.

I skimmed through the sample pages, but didn't read any comments. I'm glad that mothers and grandmothers are still supposedly passing down these messages, according to that one reader. I was having my doubts, actually!

Chapter 3: Keep Your Legs Closed

They still teach that? I really don't think so. Very good advice.

And even mothers and grandmothers of yesteryear didn't know how men think, so they could pass down only their own perceptions.

I see lots of obviously clueless mothers and grandmothers today, and I really doubt they are passing down many of the basics.

Michael said...

> Apparently we women are awfully stupid.

Kamilla -- did you read any of the guys introduction? He admitted being extremely stupid, preying on women for his own gratification. Then he apparently saw the light, and wanted to keep women from being preyed on by idiots like he was.

I think what would be stupid on the part of women would be to ignore men's perspective on all this.

I don't know anything about the book, or the advice provided, but the reason for writing the book seems worthwhile, especially when from a male viewpoint.

Many women are obviously missing something.