Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's Women's History Month

Lest you all forget, it's Women's History Month. This year's theme is, Women Taking the Lead to Save Our Planet. This year, "the National Women's History Project honors women who have taken the lead in the environmental or "green" movement. We are featuring Rachel Carson, the founder of the contemporary environmental movement, as the iconic model of the theme."

Pity so much of Carson's revolutionary work was founded upon lies. Pity now that so many of those lies still live and contribute to the deaths of millions in Africa where a bit of targeted DDT spraying would save those millions of lives by wiping out Malaria-spreading mosquitoes.

Instead of honoring someone whose work involves the death of so very many, why not focus on a life-giving woman? This month, instead, let us feature a woman who never worked outside of the home, who never published anything, who never invented a life-saving device or sculpted a monument or wrote a symphony.

Instead this month, let us feature Mary of Nazareth. The woman who did what only a woman can do - give birth. Let us honor the woman who gave birth to Truth itself. The woman whose son is the pivot of human history - the salvation of the human race.

Why not?


alaiyo said...

Amen. The woman who showed us how to say "yes" to God with complete trust . . .

David J. Wegener said...

Dear Kamilla:

Frequently, we talk about the good that DDT would do here in Zambia.

We are coming to the end of the rainy season here on the Copperbelt and it has been one with lots of rain and that means lots of standing water and that means lots of mozzies and that means lots of malaria.

And then we hear of all these projects funded by the USA and Australia and the UK with millions of dollars to buy treated mosquito nets and the like ...

And we think, work together, up the cash a bit, get expert help, spray the DDT, and we could be done with it.

Why don't we do that? The World Health Organization has approved DDT to wipe out malaria; why don't we do that?

I have no clue except that the lies of Carson must live on.

Thanks, David Wegener