Monday, December 21, 2009

And the last shred of fig leaf falls . . .

I had been working on a re-assessment of an earlier post wherein I had commented on the CBE blog, but this is so very much sadder.

I am still following the discussion on Denny Burk's blog , which I posted on here .

The form of religious feminism which likes to call itself "Egalitarian" is falling into increasing chaos and rebellion. It's sad that so many who might once have legitimately considered themselves a sort of orthodox Christian are bringing their rebellion into the open with full-bore, unapologetic denial of the essentials that all Christians, whether Orthodox, Catholic, Reformed or other Protestant hold. No longer can it be said that they are merely deceived.

Now we have open rebellion and denial of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. It makes me shiver, chills me to the bone, that the same could have been my fate if I haven't heeded the promptings brought on by the prayers of the faithful. Only by God's grace do I suffer such deception any longer.

Read response #24 on Denny Burk's blog post linked above and weep for this lost soul. Weep for the state of Evangelicalism. And pray this man leads no precious soul astray. He is listed as an "Elder" and an "Overseer" on a large Egalitarian discussion board and is a commenter on CBE's blog where, as far as I can determine, his theology has never been corrected or rebuked. So please don't dismiss this is an outlier - he shows here the direction Egalitarianism's rebellion will increasingly take.

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