Sunday, December 20, 2009

Slippery Slope, exhibit #479

Sure as the Christmas goose follows the Thanksgiving turkey, sure as the Republicans becoming a Congressional minority is followed by losing their backbones, and sure as ER visits for indigestion masquerading as chest pain follow the holiday pig-out . . .the embrace of homosexuality follows the acceptance of pastorettes.

In just the latest example of, "Slippery Slope? We don't see no stinkin' slippery slope!", sigh, a church right here in the Denver area has decided for themselves to embrace homosexuality as a valid Christian lifestyle. I'll say nothing about the creepiness of whatever it is on the screen behind the equally creepy thing that is, apparently, an "altar".

This story is also exhibit # 972 in the long line of reasons I no longer call myself an Evangelical. Denny Burk has it right. "Evangelical" indeed.


Aaron said...

Kamilla, I read as much of the linked article as I could stomach, then checked the comments.

Well done, dear sister, in answering Jada's banalities and Don's pious poison.

Aaron Root

Kevin Jones said...

That Highlands church loses half of its membership and 2/3 of its income... and then receives the boon of sympathetic Associated Press coverage.

I wonder how self-conscious the parties to that story are?

Kamilla said...


Thanks. After Don's outright denial of the Trinity, well, I was reticent to engage him before - now I am firm in my resolve to never engage him.


Oviously not self-conscious enough for the "pastor" to refuse to pose for that hideous picture, eh?

I've been taken to task over at Denny's blog for referring to the "slippery slope". And yes, I know it's a fallacy -- but it sure looks real.