Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I am so very, very weary . . .

. . . of the dirty looks I get in the library, simply for laughing quietly to myself. A little giggle here, a quiet snort there, shaking with mirth while covering my mouth -- it all brings those librarian looks. And generally not from the librarians themselves!

How can you not laugh at things like this?:

The Bad Catholic's Guide to Wine Whiskey and Song, by the irrepressible John Zmirak, who is rapidly becoming one of my favorite columnists,

Or this cartoon with Sarah Palin:

Help! Mom! Liberals are ruining my country!

Or this dog, who understands joy:

Bailey, the unknown reindeer

I wish my fellow library patrons joy, or at least a bit of mirth. But please, they must stop being so unhappy!


alaiyo said...

I LOVE the dog video!

Kamilla said...

Isn't it amazing? I sent it to Tim B and he posted it on the blog last year. I'm glad it's still available.

John Zmirak writes for Inside Catholic, among other places. You might enjoy his current column. It will come down from top place tonight, but you can still find it in the list of the four current posts.


alaiyo said...

Thanks, will check it out!