Saturday, January 1, 2011

Defining Feminism

Since a Denver Seminary student has commented on this blog disputing whether or not the seminary teaches feminism in its classes, it seems appropriate to offer at least a preliminary definition of feminism:

Feminism is the belief which denies the created order of the sexes. Religious feminism, in particular, is the heresy which denies the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the authorship of Scripture and denies the paradox at the heart of orthodox Christian anthropology - that man and woman are equally created in the image and likeness of God and that, by creation and sovereign decree, God has established the headship of the man over the woman.


Fr. Bill said...

Reading the comments in the previous post was ... well, illuminating is what I'd have to call it. You did well to let her rant stand alone, unanswered, as there are no ears to hear.

Craig Blomberg said...

Hi, Kamilla. This is the second time a Google alert has brought me to your blogsite. I commend you for your brave "about-face" from some of your earlier views. As one who has been at Denver Seminary now 25 years (amazing!), it's interesting to watch the (more gradual) changes both among the student body and among the faculty and administration. My take is that, campus-wide, the gender roles issue as we start 2011 is less a high-profile issue than at any point since I arrived in 1986. That doesn't mean it doesn't get plenty of attention in certain quarters; that's just a comparative statement between other periods of time and today. I think several factors are involved: (1) a new president for whom it's not a high-profile issue but who is very missions oriented; (2) a younger generation that is reaping the benefits and the more negative consequences of both secular and Christian feminism of the last generation and, in either instance, isn't as interested in fighting the battles to the same degree any more; and (3)a growing recognition that for the health of the church and its mission we not remain as polarized on this issue as we have often been. Of course, this isn't true universally by any means, or even universally on campus--just my observations about broad trends. Keep up the good work!

Kamilla said...


I hope the new year finds you and Fran happy and well and as busy as ever!

As an interesting "small world" connection, Fr. Bill, who commented just above you here, was Dr. Young's pastor some years ago in Vienna, Austria (if I recall correctly).

Thanks for stopping by.


AwaydownSouth said...

I read your article “Embracing Your Inner Maiden Aunt” on LAF.

“With all this stuff about motherhood, babies, child-rearing, happy-homemaking and such on LAF, I sometimes wonder, ‘What’s in it for me?””

A lot of us can feel that way, even us younger un-married ones (26). Anyway, after reading it, you are a “brave lass.” May God’s grace be with you.