Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Fatherhood of God

For those of you who have taken a peek at the heresy being purveyed at that linked site in my last post. Here is a nice, I won't say little, but a very refreshing defense of the Fatherhood of God:


vielleur said...

Thanks, Kamilla. That was good.

It'd be better if artists wouldn't represent the Father visually as a man, though. [The image used in the article is named 'god_the_father1.jpg'] We must honor Him as our Father, but also honor Him by not making up false images, too, which can only degrade Who He really is.


Anonymous said...

Hello Kamilla,

The apostle Paul bowed knees before "the Father, from whom all fatherhood takes its name in heaven and on earth." (see Eph 3:15) God is the archetypal Father. All earthly fatherhood is just and imperfect copy of God's. Much of the problem with egalitarians seems to lie here. They project our fallen expressions of fatherhood onto God. They are all backwards. What can we do about this? I'm not exactly sure, but no one comes to the Father except through His Son (John 14:6).

Just some thoughts,