Sunday, January 2, 2011

Demonstrations cheerfully provided!

Just in case anyone needed a discussion demonstrating the truth of the definition of religious feminism I gave in the previous post. Check out this discussion before it gets hidden from public view:

Answering the claim of liberal feministic theology


Fr. Bill said...

Thank you for the heads up, Kamilla. That page now resides in my egalitarian-horrors hidey hole, for later reference and blogging. And, yes, it's in the form of a PDF, not just a link. Once in a while someone over there with a tatter of conscience remaining to them will pull a veil over the kind of candor such as Larry S displays here.

It's always been my contention that the leadership of academic egalitarianism was always a few steps behind those in the pew who bravely go where no egalitarian heretic has gone before. That is, until enough of them do so that it emboldens one of the pairless chaps in Academe to scamper to the head of the mob.

This little exposition by an "overseer" of that deluded community will be exhibit A to validate my thesis when oneof the pairless leaders publishes a Brave New Theological Tome, deconstructing two millennia of patriarchalist theological tradition in favor of ... what? Who knows what they'll call it. The mind boggles.

vielleur said...

> This little exposition by an "overseer"...

Fr. Bill--

Okay, you made me look. [Another resolution broken so soon - ha!] Well, it was just an innocent peek at that one Larry S post, and I made sure to not read anything found under the letters "TL."

Yes, curious how many of the anti-authoritarian egals over there call themselves "Overseer" and "Senior Member."

Equality and mutual submission must have their limits.