Thursday, May 26, 2011

Babies abducted and held for "ransom" in China

Beijing's enforcers of the brutal one-child policy are abducting "illegal" babies and holding them for "ransom".  China, designated by the United Nations Population Fund as a "Model Birth Control Country" now levels fines up to the equivalent of nine years' annual salary for "illegally reproducing".

Read the whole story here.  And then ask yourself why a professing Christian would evoke a Maoism in the title of her newest book?  So far, she has refused to answer the question.


Amy said...

China's policies on this issue are horrifying, but having our tax dollars help fund it disgusts me. There have for years been stories of forced sterilizations and abortions, and even infanticide coming out of China, and lately the kidnapping of "illegal"(their term, not mine) babies. I'm not astounded so much by the UN support, but it does shock me that so little is done in terms of calling China out for human rights abuses, kidnapping and in some cases, even murder.

I suspect few people even realize what UNFPA is, or what is happening. This could be a great topic for letters to the editor of various newspapers just to get the word out there!

TaiPod said...

Oooohhh The Almighty Dollar! What would America do if we tried to sanction the top producer of our beloved cheap goods? The continued desire for those cheap goods is, I suspect, as much of a reason why, on a political level, people are not willing to say or do anything about this.