Monday, May 16, 2011

Clear as Mud

Jackie Gingrich Cushman, (the daughter of former House Speaker, Newt Gingrich) has written an article setting the record straight on that mid-parental-divorce hospital visit which is now the stuff of political legend.  It is good to clear the air and set the record straight on these matters, though Mrs. Cushman is right that it was and is a private family matter.

What is not merely a private family matter, however, is her father's character.  He put questions of his character on the table when he chose to run for the Republican nomination for president.  What Mrs. Cushman did not dispute is that her father had an affair with the woman who became his second wife while still married to her mother.  What is also not being disputed is that the former Speaker also began an affair with the woman who became his third wife while still married to his second wife.

Do we see a pattern developing here?

While Mrs. Cushman has brought clarity to some of the circumstances surrounding her parents divorce, she has not and can not bring clarity to her father's character.  His public record speaks for itself on that matter.  In another age, it would automatically disqualify him from any consideration for high office (repentant or not).  And, as Bill Clinton's chief impeacher, he should hang his head in shame and quietly retire from public life.  While his public actions in that matter were correct, his private actions (now made public) show him to be the chief hypocrite in that national drama.

In the words of a FB friend, Newt Gingrich:  revealed to be only about 75% the swine you thought he was.

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