Monday, August 8, 2011

Feminists should back off the wah-wah peddle

Barna's got a new survey out and religious feminists are leaning a bit hard on their wah-wah peddles.  Or should that be waaah waaah peddles?  According to Barna, the only religious behaviour that has increased among women in the past twenty years is women becoming unchurched.  One religious feminist muses that perhaps churches don't have the welcome mat out for women, that women are getting their feelings hurt.  Apparently the Ezer-warrior women aren't so ezer-like after all?

The truth is that the truth will out, you can't fool "mother nature" and you can only suppress those truths we can't not know for so long. We know those truths, they penetrate deeper than the marrow in our bones, we can suppress and ignore them, but not for long.  Sooner or later, something's gotta give.  And now that religious feminists have gotten the church they wanted they've also found that they really don't like it very much. 

Read the report for yourself. Then ask yourself how much evangelical churches, parachurch ministries and educational institutions have been affected by religious feminism.  Twenty years ago, would your church have considered calling a woman as pastor?  Associate pastor?  Senior pastor?  Look back, think seriously and honestly.  Twenty, thirty, forty years.  And then consider whether you can honestly tell me religious feminism has not accomplished much of its agenda.  If they have, as I think you will find they have, then why are women leaving?

Why do they not seem invested now that the battle has largely been won?

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vielleur said...

> Why do they not seem invested now that the battle has largely been won?

Ezer-warrior women enjoy a challenge, so perhaps they're off looking for something else to wreck? Those who enjoy griping so much need to find something else to gripe about?

And what are the odds they can't get along with the women in charge? The men probably did what they were told better.