Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Magic Roundabout

I never quite understood the fascination with roundabouts.  I guess they are a nice replacement for a four-way stop at a low-traffic intersection.  And it's kinda fun to zip around without stopping.

So why in blazes do the unthinking beings called city planers and landscapers plant TALL GRASSES as landscaping on the approach to a roundabout?

Can someone please tell me why?

It turns a roundabout into a four-way stop.  Isn't that what the roundabout was designed to avoid?


TaiPod said...

My guess is that it is the government's way of showing preference for individuals who drive high-seated SUV's and vans. Oddly enough, this undermines the "green" initiative that should be encouraging and showing preference for people in those ridiculous death traps (a.k.a. "smart"cars). Hmmm...maybe the government is in bed with the gas companies. CONSPIRACY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We're surrounded by idiots.