Monday, August 30, 2010

25 Things (Or Singleness has some compensations)

Today I got tagged in one of those Facebook notes. The challenge was to list 25 things other people might not know about you. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I've had some unusual fun in my life and met some remarkable people. Sometimes it gets intimidating when I see the names of others included in some of the emails I get. It's fun to recall some of the events and people, others are not so fun. A few have caused me great shame and tears of repentance.

Some of the items listed are deliberately cryptic, some are fun and some have genuine meaning. But I'd trade all of it for the sake of a husband who holds me until I stop crying and a child who calls me mommy. On the other hand, you know, us Maiden Aunties need to have a stock of stories to tell.

Without further ado, here is my list:

1. I was once kissed on the cheek by Vincent Prince (he bought me lunch as well!)

2. I've been subpoenaed to testify in court twice - but neither was legally delivered so I got out of it.

3. I was once accustomed to entering prisons cells - one guard in front of me and one behind. And none of the men ever gave me any grief, because I always had a needle in my hand.

4. I love wearing skirts

5. I love being a girl (I stole this one, Barbara, is that ok?)

6. I used to hate wearing skirts and wore almost nothing but jeans.

7. When I was a 19 year old college student, I used to arrange conference calls for the KC branch of the Federal Reserve Board.

8. I've published an academic paper, which I now utterly repudiate.

9. I once got stood up for lunch because the Prime Minister called a meeting at 10 Downing Street. Well, I didn't really get stood up. We were supposed to have lunch on Monday, but he bought me Sunday dinner instead.

10. If I was indepently wealthy, I would have four homes - Denver area, the North Shore, London and Holy Island (Lindisfarne).

11. I once took a swim in Lake Superior (and yes, it's THAT north shore I'm talking about)

12. I got strep throat in Moose Jaw.

13. I've seen an altar cloth that Catherine of Aragon did the needlework for and the tomb of Catherine Parr (Henry' VII's first and last wives), which are in the same little English village.

14. I make the best braised red cabbage in the world, not to mention baklava, beef stroganoff and venison burgundy.

15. Of the bookcases in my study: one was made by my father as a young man, one was made by my brother when he was in college, one was made by me when I was in college and one was retrieved from a dumpster, and only one was store-bought.

16. I was once on Abp Chapuit's list of prayer intentions.

17. I was doing serial crossmatches on a surgery patient when Secret Service came through the lab.

18. When I am on vacation in a big city, other tourists frequently stop me to ask for directions.

19. My childhood home has been moved and a WalMart now stands where it used to.

20. I was named after my great, great aunt and the name originates in mythology. The original Camilla was an Amazon warrior queen who was said to be so fleet of foot she could run across the ocean without getting her feet wet. In this respect, as in most things, I DO NOT take after her.

21. I love baking my own bread and wouldn't dream of allowing a bread machine in my kitchen.

22. Almost no one believes I am as old as I really am. And I don't dye my hair.

23. I have never married but still have hope.

24. I have a love-hate relationship with writing.

25. Through the prayers of two faithful shepherds, Jesus Christ redeemed my rebellion and has blessed me beyond measure with friends I don't deserve (I saved the best for last!)

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Lady Rose said...

I enjoyed reading your list. It sounds like you have had some interesting life experiences.